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To understand how unusual CFD is, you have to know the history of the Town of Cochiti Lake. It was a new concept, unprecedented anywhere in Indian Country - a private investment for development of a town on reservation land, with it's own government. The residents would agree to a 99 year land lease that began in the late 1970's. Although the original plan was for a population of 40,000, the company that was hired to develop went bankrupt and the "project" was discontinued with the Town of Cochiti Lake having a population around 500 people.


The residents of Cochiti Lake nicknamed this beautiful land "Heaven with a Zip Code." We are so very fortunate to call this home and to work alongside the Cochiti Tribe in protecting not just the homes and the residents, but their sacred land as well

CFD is located in Sandoval County. Our station covers all of Cochiti Pueblo, the Town of Cochiti Lake, Kasha Katuwe, Pena Blanca, Hwy 16 and the stretch of Interstate 25 between La Bajada to Budaghers. 

We have 2 fire trucks. Old Red is stationed in Cochiti Lake and our newest one is housed at the Pueblo Station. We have two ambulances, one at each station, a brush truck for wild land firefighting and an ATV for mountain rescue. 

We have an Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of 3 out of 10 (1 being the highest). This places us in the top 6.8% of the Fire Departments in New Mexico and the second highest in Sandoval County (Rio Rancho has a rating of 2). 

Last year we answered 289 emergency calls. 

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